Special projects

From time to time we get asked to develop one-off solutions to specific problems, such as those shown here. The skills and expertise used to make a glider trailer can be applied to almost any other type of trailer, for motorbikes for instance or for kayaks.

We recently designed and built a multitrailer to transport three gliders to New Zealand every year. The trailer holds all three gliders securely but is designed to slide neatly inside a container for oversees transport, thus saving shipping costs on dry land because the trailer can be towed to and from the docks. This trailer can also easily be converted into an open top if required.

The Herefordshire Canoe Club could not find a manufactured trailer to carry their kayaks, nor any other manufacturer who could build to their high standards of quality and finish. But Shirenewton designed and built this trailer for them.

An airside training company at Heathrow wanted something with which they could train push-back drivers before they were let loose on the real thing. Before, they had to get used to handling the double pivot linkages and heavy loads on working aircraft, with the inevitable consequences. This device, designed and built by Shirenewton, produced a 30% cost saving on the operation.

Cambridge University wanted an indoor rowing simulator for training and came to Shirenewton to design and build it for them.

Shirenewton was involved in the development of the Farnborough Aircraft Corporation’s new Kestrel F1, a small and fast turbo prop business commuter plane.  Shirenewton designed and built the interior for the sales prototype.

An operator of unmanned remote controlled airships asked Shirenewton to build two trailers with very special requirements. One is 12m long and 12 ft tall. It has an articulated drawbar and is completely smooth inside to avoid snagging the balloon envelope.

Moody the boatbuilders asked Shirenewton to build a trailer to transport long teak planks for decking. The curtain sided trailer allows easy loading and unloading.

If you have a special project call 0790 523 3868 and see how Shirenewton can help to make it reality.

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