The JS1 Revelation from Jonkers Sailplanes


Shirenewton Sailplanes is the Western European agent for the JS1 from Jonker Sailplanes SA, the revolutionary new high performance sailplane from South Africa.

In the few years since it was first introduced the JS1 is consistently seen in the top places in most competitions around the world. In the last WGC in Hungary there were five JS1s on the starting grid and they all finished within the top ten places. Uys Jonker, one of the founders of the company, fulfilled his boyhood dream of designing and building a sailplane in which he could compete in a world championship and take home a medal.

The JS1 is designed to meet the stringent requirements of CS22 (2003), the new crashworthiness standards that came into force in 2003. The JS1 is one of the safest gliders in existence born out of the competition goals of the Jonker Sailplanes team.

The JS1 is very easy to fly and can be flown safely by all standards of pilot, even the very inexperienced.

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JS1 – Peformance, Safety, Peace of Mind

IMG_1437  JS1 OMK 9 juni 004  JS1-2013-2